Hateful Eight

RV: This is a movie that I’m only  ever going to watch once (believe or not, seeing a man’s nuts shot off one time is plenty enough for me), but that single viewing will leave you with plenty of vivid, disturbing images that will definitely haunt your mind for weeks to come. From the intense rhythm of the movie’s score, Hateful Eight draws you in, and if you, like me, have a small bladder, you will probably think about pissing your pants rather than miss a second of this superbly intense thrill ride that Tarantino takes us on, starting with the perfect mood setting storm chasing Kurt Russel’s carriage. My complaints begin and end with the characters themselves. Not one is truly likable or memorable. There’s just too many, and the moment any of the characters shine usually signals their quick and brutal demise. By the end, you are left feeling like you just got off of a roller coaster with its jerking turns, sudden screeching halts, and the empty feeling it leaves in the pit of your stomach.

T: Hateful Eight is a movie to be watched in winter. The frosty, snowy landscape serves as a peripheral character, forever looming in the background serving to foil the characters at every turn – and make the frigid theater feel all the more so. With that said, the setting seems to be the only trusting character in this film. In true Tarantino fashion, every character is laced with malaise making it difficult for the reader to either know or identify who they should be rooting for. Although equipped with witty dialogue full of precise and cutting language, splendid cinematography (many of Tarantino’s standard shots are present throughout), and production and costume design (Kurt Russell’s mustache seriously steals the screen) – it isn’t without its flaws. It is easy to see that Tarantino strives to build suspense to the climatic last act of the film, but paired with the bleary snowscape and characters’ sloppy drawls, the movie makes it challenging for the audience to stay present and focused. Unlike many of Tarantino’s films of the past (basically every one), this is one I don’t foresee myself watching and re-watching every year. Side note: it was a nice surprise to see two of my favorite ’80s movies’ leading actors creep in to this film – Kurt Russell (Overboard) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Fast Times at Ridgemont High). Although these characters are far less hot. 

4 Red Vines – Fun, but unfulfilling

3.5 Twizzlers – Blood, betrayal, but somewhat boring

Hey! Check out this awesome recipe for beef stew that would pair perfectly with this flick. Trust me – you’ll want to eat something warm while watching it: Hearty Shin Stew Recipe

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  1. Chanin says:

    It was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long. I thought Samuel L and J-Leigh were brilliant. Typical Tarantino, with excellent dialogue and bloody as hell. Greg Nicotaro from “Walking Dead” fame took care of special effects for this one and did a marvelous job.
    Love this site! Keep up the good work!


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