The Overnight

RV: There is no denying that this movie has balls (also a lot of prosthetic dicks…more on that later), but all the risk-taking and eccentricity just falls flat from the simple fact that The Overnight has no idea what it wants to be. Is it a farce? It features Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman dancing around a pool swinging their prosthetic dicks around in a drunken stupor. Is it a drama? It features a strange and out of place voyeur scene involving a massage parlor. Then is it a dramady? Not quite. Although that’s the vibe the movie tries to feed you, the two genres never really mesh, and what the audience is left with are scenes that feel way too over the top silly forced next to scenes that feel so overly serious they could have been taken from Eyes Wide Shut.  On a personal note, I will never see Adam Scott the same way again…

T: Okay, because my partner in crime here stole all the penis jokes, I’m going to attempt to explore the movie in a different way. Initially, the movie seems so realistic and charming: Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec and Piper from OITNB are living it up in suburbia with their tiny human wearing a tiny hat – so adorbs! But then hipster Jason Schwartzman and his hottie wife show up and fuck everything up. The first third of the movie has such promise – a couple suffering from the stress of having newly moved,  paired with a weird sexual dry spell sans the inclusion of shared masturbation – who illustrate the very real and incredible difficulty of making friends as an adult (shout out to Meet-up!). But then all this weird, unexplainable shit starts to go down that I don’t know if I can fully put into words. All I remember is that Adam Scott (swoon) has a tiny penis and Jason Schwartzman is really into butts. Also, apparently there is a market for breast-pump fetishism. Um…I really don’t know what else to say.

2.5 Red Vines – Limps to the finish…get it.

2 Twizzlers – I heart hipsters. I do not heart this movie.

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