T: As a fan of indie-romances, especially those with a supernatural flair, I was immediately taken by this almost unnoticeable, take notice film. What immediately catches your attention is the BREATHTAKING cinematography. This movie, like its namesake, will take you on a visually-stunning adventure. Even though the plot is somewhat lacking, and though some scenes grow to be somewhat tired, you cannot turn away because of its sheer beauty. That, in addition to the charming chemistry between the film’s lead actors, really keep you rooting for this gem. With that said, I really felt like the supernatural quality of the film – the subject of parallel universes – was never really addressed. Additionally, what became the start of a unique film lend itself to A-typical plot lines and character development. Although I loved watching the complexities of a relationship that genuinely seemed to mirror reality, by the end I wasn’t even sure who I should be rooting for, and for what.

RV: Comet is a deceptive movie. Right from the title sequence, Comet talks about multiple universes…deception. Promises of the supernatural  are used to hide what amounts to be a pretty standard trope of anachronic order. Unusual visuals  and cryptic dialogue are used to hide what amounts to very shallow characters and settings. By the end of the movie, nothing supernatural actually occurs, so I safely assumed the opening text narration about parallel universes was just bullshit to justify bizarre camera tricks and to make the plot appear more unique than a story of two imperfect people suffering from a romanticized view of what their relationship actually is (see: Five Hundred Days of Summer, which demonstrated this take on love a whole lot more cleverly). Now bizarre story framing choices aside, Justin Long was great in this movie. Even when he plays a narcissistic know-it-all, you still root for him.

3 Twizzlers: Like a comet, in the end it merely fizzled out

2.5 Red Vines: Like a normal Earth rock, it never leaves the ground.

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