Dark Net

RV: I’ve always found it very disturbing how the internet changes us. Just the act of separating ourselves from our identity when we post anonymously can create this free for all where any shred of societal dignity goes right out the fucking window, transforming us into the biggest assholes that we can possible be. If you want to lose your faith in humanity, just read the comments section of an article recapping a Steelers/Ravens game. Why do we we do this? Why do we become Mr. Hyde the moment the fear of being caught leaves us? Well for many, the internet is like a high school bathroom. For teenagers, the bathroom is the place that they vent their rage, confusion, and frustration about society’s rules and structure without fear of punishment.There are no teachers around or cameras so why not not piss all over the toilet seats and draw swastikas all over the walls? With that being said, Dark Net admirably exposes just how horrible of a playground the internet can be with it’s stories about harassment, child prostitution, cult indoctrination, and hackers ransoming your data; however, it’s not as if Dark Net is not reinventing the wheel with this information. On Netflix alone, there are numerous documentaries covering the very same things, but where Dark Net shines is the very unusual human interest pieces that show not only the bad of technology (people who are sensitive to wifi), but also, the good (stroke victim’s rehabilitation), and even the bizarre(cyber hacking). These subtle portrayals of a very small percentage of people help give Dark Net the variety it needs to tell a different story every episode that never feels like they are retreading on information that’s already been done.

T: So if you haven’t figured this one out yet, I basically love all things weird and twisted and macbre. When I came across this gem, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. But what I was surprised to find out was that there was so much of the internet world – a world I find myself immersed even as I type right now – that I don’t know and never once considered. Each chapter of this series has its own theme: exploitation (child pornography via the ‘dark web’); upgrade (biohacking); and provoke (social media trolling) – just to name a few. And although I was not surprised to discover some of the topics of discussion, what was alarming was to discover just how saturated and propagated the internet has become – though this may be in part due to my own perpetual bought of naivete’.

4 Red Vines – Shines a much needed light.

3.5 Twizzlers: Like internet itself, Dark Net provides fast-paced entertainment on a variety of subjects that will only want to make you dig deeper into the vast biome that is the interweb.

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