Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 2)

RV: When Kimmy Schmidt debuted, I was drawn to the show for the pure nostalgia of its 90s references. However, by the end of the first season, the show realized that the bunker gimmicks were quickly getting stale., and changed the focus to its real source of staying power—the characters. When I started to binge season 2, I was pleased that the writer’s moved even further away from the bunker and really started letting their secondary characters, mainly Titus, shine on their own. Speaking of Titus, he is perhaps my favorite character on television right now, since he is mostly a smart mix of a flawed Seinfeld character and a cheesy lovable Friends character (Imagine if George and Rachel had a baby).  The show also kept a foot firmly in the past and a foot firmly in the present. I’ve never seen a show with so many allusions to the 90s while also being incredibly relevant to today’s ridiculous trends. One major surprise this season was the amount of screen time that was given to Tina Fey, who like always was top-notch. Meanwhile, Kimmy, the title character, was given even more depth with a surprisingly dark story line involving her fear of being touched and her own mommy issues. Last season, Kimmy Schmidt was a fun aversion away from the network television trash that has filled the airways since the departure of The Office and Parks and Rec, but after the second season, I can easily say that this show is quickly climbing the ranks of my favorite sitcoms.

5 Red Vines: It’s like Christmas every day!


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