RV: Disney is on a hot streak right now, and after watching their latest masterpiece, it’s not that hard to see why. Disney currently has their 93-year-old fingers on the pulse of progressive America. Gone are the days of those painful racial stereotypes or just random whitewashing.


Moana is perhaps my favorite princess movie of all time. She doesn’t need a prince or even a hint of a love interest. She is even more kick-ass than the demigod. Did I mention she is also the leader of her tribe? This movie finally gets away from the past princess trope of dependence and allows for some truly refreshing depth to their new characters. Not to mention, the music is great, and in my opinion, better than Frozen. I got to give credit to the Rock. Dwayne Johnson’s voice acting and singing were superb, and his song was one of the most catchiest. However, the best song was the giant crab’s, and I say that because my four-year-old son hasn’t stopped singing it. Moana is definitely this generation’s Lion King, so don’t miss seeing Disney at its best form.

T: Okay, like every other human being on the planet, I love Disney films. I recognize that some are better than others (Beauty and the Beast vs. Home on the Range) while others go entirely too underappreciated (Princess and the Frog; Hunchback of Notre Dame). I know that for modern Disney fans, their favorite Disney movie might be Frozen, but for me, Frozen wasn’t my favorite. It’s fun and colorful and sweet and enchanting, but to me…it was a bit…bloated. Two princess…two princes…two sidekicks…too much.

Moana is not this. Where Frozen almost felt like too much of a marshmallowy-confection, Moana feels fresh and clean and pure. Moana, the titular character, has no love interest nor is she pursuing the heart of a mate (in fact, the conflict revolves around her saving her family and entire village/island #badass). Moana must be totally reliant on herself and her skill-set, which compared to other Disney princesses, is limited. She is supported in her cause by Maui, the demi-god voice by the impeccably talented Dwanye Johnson, and her slow, but well-intentioned, sidekick – Heihei.

This movie is a celebration of a new kind of heroine: one that is not perfect, not flawless; one that, despite all shortcomings, believes in the best of people; an environmentalist; and one that both celebrates tradition and yet recognizes the need for a more progressive platform. I also love that Disney is celebrating a healthier and more realistic body image with Moana. I feel that Disney is beginning to recognize its unique responsibility it has in influencing the mindset of so many children today, and I am pleased to see that they are broadening that once shortsighted perspective.

5 Red Vines – What can I say besides “You’re Welcome”…..seriously, you’re welcome because this song will be stuck in your head for days.

5 Twizzlers: Moana might not think no one knows how far she’ll go, but it’s clear hers is a legacy that will stand the test of time.



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