Twizzlers Top 10: Wanderlust Movies

Knowing that we’re finally at the end of one of the coldest winters in recent history, I thought I would escape the hum-drum of my artificiality heated reality and instead escape into those movies that fill me with the greatest sense of wanderlust.

Side note: these movies may inspire you to immediately book that vacation you’ve always wanted to take on Expedia so you may consider locking up your wallet while watching these flicks.


Twizzlers Top 10:

  1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: I am one of those people who sometimes forget the entire existence of the country of Greenland altogether. Having said that, since watching (and rewatching) this film, I am utterly obsessed with the idea of instantly shirking all responsibilities to immediately fly to Greenland where I can skateboard down a mountain and race erupting volcanoes. What’s not to love about that???Walter Mitty
  2. Wild: This movie and memoir (of the same name) helped me survive my divorce and subsequent depression. Cheryl, played by Reese Witherspoon, utilizes the Pacific Crest Trail to escape her bitter past and forge a path for her future. Her own journey inspired my own mountain summit in Colorado last year, though, try as I might, I never managed to look as flawless as Reese did throughout this film.Wild
  3. Fault in Our Stars: Although one might not think to see a super-sad, super-sappy teen movie emerge on this list, this movie has me OBSESSED with the idea of traveling to Amsterdam – in which some pivotal scenes in this film take place. Plus, the idea of seeing ridiculously attractive young people just trying to stay alive should have you chomping at the bit to go out and travel as your healthy bodies were intended to!fault in our stars
  4. Eat Pray Love: I can’t very well make a list about wanderlust and not include this movie. I know it’s cliche’. I know its over-referenced. But with all that said, it is a perfect movie to induce even the most fixed person to want to travel the world. Elizabeth Gilbert/Julia Roberts is someone lost in a life of normalcy and journeys across the world to reawaken herself. Through her awakening, she ventures to Italy (eat), India (pray), and Indonesia (love), and what she learns through this experience is that a life full of intentions is the life best lived. EAT PRAY LOVE
  5. The Darjeeling Limited: Above anything, this is just truly a beautiful film. Another addition to the Wes Anderson collection, this film includes all those things we have come to associate with the wonder of this brilliant story-teller. It is a tale of three brothers traveling aboard The Darjeeling Limited. The tale certainly has some serious melancholic undertones; however, the beautiful visuals of the Indian countryside, various Hindu temples, and the Himalayans will keep your heart afloat with enough Romantic tendencies to endure its heart-wrenching tragedies. Aside from that, this movie just might have you boarding a cramped train destined for nowhere and not even realize all along that is all you ever wanted or needed. darjeeling limited
  6. Away We Go: This movie is one of my favorite feel-good flicks. The chemistry demonstrated between Maya Rudolph and Jon Krasinski is truly adorable. They are a couple, newly pregnant, in search of a new home – and possibly – a new town in which they will raise their first-born child. In an attempt to find the perfect home, they visit old friends, family, and work colleagues and manage to travel from Colorado to Phoenix to Wisconsin to Canada to Florida. It is one that will demand you to answer a number of questions: what is home? what makes home? what feels like home? In the end, the movie shows no matter where you end up – there you are. It’s best to just make the best of it. away we go
  7. Midnight in Paris: This makes this list for a number of reasons. Its Parisian setting. Its inexplicable time travel to the 1920s. Its incessant reminder of the existential dread that fills every generation. But above all, it’s just a beautiful film. Say what you want about Woody Allen, but the man knows brilliant cinematography and this film will have you wanting to wander any beautiful city at night.midnight in paris
  8. To Wong Fu Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar: Oh, how I love this movie. For so many reasons. But for most, I love this movie as it always inspires me to get dressed up in my fanciest get-up and drive across the country with my best gal pals.too wong foo
  9. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Although one might think this a strange addition to this list, this movie in particular, inspired my own trip down south. But beyond that, this is a move about travel. Travel through time, through generations. And yes, it has you traveling the world – from New Orleans to Russia to New York to Paris to the Florida Keys. And aside from the beautiful cinematography, timeless costume-pieces, and gorgeous cast, this is a movie that reminds just how little time we have here on this earth and how silly and pointless it would be to waste it. curious case
  10. The Shawshank Redemption: As far as I am concerned, Shawshank makes any list of mine. But besides my undying love for this movie, it reminds me the beauty I have in my own freedom to travel to Zihuatanejo whenever I want where I hope, too, the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams.shawshank

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