How the reviews work

You’ll notice on each review, both Red Vines (RV) and Twizzlers (T) have shared their thoughts and feelings of each source. At the bottom of each page, you’ll also notice that we both have given a score.

This score is totally arbitrary. We are not using any scientific method here. It would be no different if we gave out seashells or buttons or Schrute Bucks. But it is different because we freaking love Red Vines and Twizzlers. These things are basically gold to us.

Truth be told, we may even change our opinion as time wears on. One of Twizzlers’ favorite movies as a child was Spice World. Seriously that happened.

We decided that we would bestow each viewing 1-5 of our beloved candies:

  • A full five Red Vines and/or Twizzlers is equivalent to finding spare cash in the laundry or waking up to find that you are actually Meryl Streep. Life is good.
  • A three might be like a Crocs version of a show – kind of pointless and stupid, but not really causing any harm.
  • A rating of a 1 is a movie on par with a Nickleback song. An atrocity for all who hear.


RV & T